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Born in Germany in 1879, Albert Einstein was one of the world's most famous physicists. He was a true visionary when it came to science and technology. His ideas changed the way we see the Universe. His work laid important foundations for the way we use science today.

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Einstein used 'thought experiments' – a combination of imagination, inspiration and complicated maths. Without the need for a lab, he was able to come up with new ways to explain how the Universe works. Since then, other scientists have used experiments and space exploration to prove his theories right.

"Look into nature and then you will understand it better." – Albert Einstein


Today, Britain is committed to creating a cleaner future. One with zero carbon emissions and reduced pollution. To make that happen, our energy system is going to need a major upgrade – we're going to need a smart energy system. An important part of upgrading is smart meters. They are replacing our traditional, out-dated analogue meters.

Smart meters are essential to creating a more reliable, clean and affordable energy system. It allows the system to understand when customers across Great Britain use energy on a large scale, as well as how much they use. This will allow the system to better manage what energy is needed, where. That means reducing energy waste and, also moving away from being reliant on fossil fuel energy, instead investing in renewables.

There are already over 23 million smart meters installed in homes and small businesses across Great Britain. Smart meter owners can now see their energy use in near real time and receive accurate bills without submitting meter readings. Do your bit for the planet, by requesting a smart meter*, at no extra cost, from your energy supplier.

We think Albert Einstein would be amazed by the innovations that have happened since his time. But we think he'd be baffled by our outdated energy system. We've upgraded everything from our TVs and phones to our trains and homes. Now smart meters are the latest revolution, helping us modernise our energy system. The chance to upgrade to the latest technology, and make our homes greener? Now that's smart.


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We worked with AMV BBDO and CGI experts The Mill to transport Einstein into the 21st Century! The team of visual effects artists developed specialist tools to bring Einstein to life in the most realistic way possible. Using 4D volumetric capture technology, they recorded an actor's movements, and then used CGI to add Einstein's distinctive look. Every hair and wrinkle have been carefully crafted to bring Einstein to life on screen.

Chris Taggart, Director of Marketing at Smart Energy GB, said: "There is no greater ambassador for modern technology than Albert Einstein. We hope the public really enjoy seeing his wit and humour touchingly brought back for this campaign."

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